A.C. Green’s three championship rings stolen from his home


Former Laker A.C. Green has had his three championship rings stolen from his home, according to the Los Angeles Times:

Three NBA championship rings were reportedly stolen from former Laker A.C. Green’s home in Palos Verdes Estates.

The rings, which are estimated to be worth $25,000 each, were allegedly stolen by day laborers Green hired to move some belongings into storage, police told the Daily Breeze.

The rings are encrusted with diamonds and have his name and former jersey number written on them, the newspaper said.

“To him, [they are] priceless,” Palos Verdes Estates police Sgt. Steve Barber told the paper. “They are worth a lot of money, especially to somebody who is a collector. It’s going to be really difficult for somebody to pawn it off.”

There’s a very little chance that the thief will be able to sell these rings; it’s not as if there’s lots of them around out there. Hopefully, with pawn shops and collectors hearing the news, a sale of the rings won’t be able to take place and they’ll end up back on the fingers of the Iron Man, A.C. Green.

Written by Ross Pickering

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