A Few Of George Mikan’s Accomplishments

Some of George Mikan’s accomplishments:
5× BAA/NBA champion (1949-1950, 1952-1954)
2× NBL champion (1947-1948)
NBL Rookie of the Year Award (1946)
NBL Most Valuable Player (1948)
2× NBL season scoring leader (1947-48)
3× NBA season scoring leader (1949-51)
NBA All-Star Game MVP (1953)
4× NBA All-Star (1951–1954)
6× All-BAA/NBA First Team (1949–1954)
Greatest Player of the First Half-Century (1950)
NBA 25th Anniversary Team (1970)
NBA 35th Anniversary Team (1980)
NBA 50 Greatest Players (1996)

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  1. Mikan was also the World Professional Basketball Tournament MVP two times in 1946 and 1948. In 1948, the last year that the tournament took place, the Lakers won it beating the Rens in the Final.


    He also was named as a member of the NBA teams in its 25th and 35th aniversary and as one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA history in 1996 and he was named the Greatest Player of the First Half of the Century in 1950.