Ahmed Quintana

Ahmed Quintana will provide his thoughts on everything Lakers. With sports journalism being his goal as a career, this is a stepping stone. Don't forget, follow him on Twitter!

  • Can the Lakers’ bench step-up next season?

    This is part two in a series of articles looking at the Lakers’ roster next season. Click here to read part one which focussed on the Lakers’ starters. Can the bench – the players that only play about 20mpg – really affect the outcome of a season? Do you need a bench full of capable […]

  • Kobe and Nash – don’t forget Bynum and Gasol – the next great Laker era?

    The Los Angeles Lakers –¬†what comes to mind when mentioning this great franchise? Championships surely define the success had over the years, and the legacy left behind by great players such as Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, Shaq, and eventually, Kobe, create such high standards for any player wearing the purple and gold. As […]