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  • How to cap off the Lakers’ comeback

    By Ahmed Quintana on January 11, 2013
    Lakers are down two points and there are ten seconds left in the game. What to do? What play do you run? This is usually how it has been this year: Ball goes into Kobe… He dribbles as Nash, Metta World Peace, Meeks, and Dwight Howard watch, all giving him space to work. Kobe dribbles to his favorite spot, but […]
  • James Harden traded to Houston: What does this mean for the Lakers?

    By Ahmed Quintana on October 27, 2012
    In honor of Chris Paul….WoW! This reaction has been shared by many fans, both for Houston and Oklahoma City, even by LeBron James and Eric Maynor. To recap, James Harden has been traded to the Houston Rockets alongside Cole Aldridge, Lazar Hayward, and Daequan Cook for Kevin Martin, Jeremy Lamb, two 2013 1st round picks (Toronto pick acquired from the Kyle […]
  • Who holds the key to success in L.A.?

    By Ahmed Quintana on October 8, 2012
    The key to success lies in the hands of…Kobe Bean Bryant? Nah, guess again. Pau Gas0l? Wrong answer! Dwight Howard? Nope. Steve Nash? Maybe. You might be saying, “If the key to success does not lie within the four best players on the team, then you are just crazy.” Before moving on if you think this article will be terrible, please give […]
  • Can the Lakers’ bench step-up next season?

    By Ahmed Quintana on July 21, 2012
    This is part two in a series of articles looking at the Lakers’ roster next season. Click here to read part one which focussed on the Lakers’ starters. Can the bench – the players that only play about 20mpg – really affect the outcome of a season? Do you need a bench full of capable players, or is one true […]
  • Kobe and Nash – don’t forget Bynum and Gasol – the next great Laker era?

    By Ahmed Quintana on July 17, 2012
    The Los Angeles Lakers - what comes to mind when mentioning this great franchise? Championships surely define the success had over the years, and the legacy left behind by great players such as Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, Shaq, and eventually, Kobe, create such high standards for any player wearing the purple and gold. As of 2010, the Lakers seemed […]