Blake Beckerman

I am a college student at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Basketball is my love and future. I have been around the game as long as I can remember and have no plans of leaving. I am a die hard Lakers fan and a self proclaimed NBA guru. Giving my thoughts and speculation on the league really brings joy to me. I am always willing to answer questions concerning the league and game. A basketball junkie at its finest. You can follow me on Twitter (@BlakeBeckerman)

  • The missing piece…

    Since Steve Nash has returned to the startling lineup from a non-displaced fracture in his left knee, the Lakers’ problems varied on a nightly basis. These problems included help defense, transition defense, defense as a whole, chemistry, turnovers, free throws, the list can go on forever. These issues would come and go but there was […]

  • Blueprint for Gasol’s success

    Ever since Mike D’Antoni and his system has taken over, Pau Gasol‘s numbers have dropped dramatically. In fact his points per game, rebounds, and field goal percentage have all suffered a decline this season.  The average fan would point to the system but a basketball player would point to Pau. As a ball player you […]