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  • Kobe Bryant: A robot in disguise

    By Danny Silver on January 30, 2013
    For once, I can take a break from anger-fueled ranting now that it looks like the Lakers may be turning a corner in this crazy season. As the team is about to embark on the 7-game Grammy road trip that will largely decide their playoff fate, it will be nice to change the tone away from the normal negativity and […]
  • Mike and Dwight: The Terrible Two

    By Danny Silver on January 22, 2013
     Anyone who has known me for longer than 5 minutes knows that patience is certainly not a strength of mine. Therefore, waiting until this G-d awful road trip is over to vent was just not an option. I’m flat out angry right now. Rock bottom seems to reinvent itself every week with this team and I have just about had […]
  • It’s been a bad haircut

    By Danny Silver on January 18, 2013
    You know when you get a bad haircut and it seems like the sky is falling. The reality seems so awful yet it is actually happening to you and there is no way out. There has been irreversible damage. The awfulness, permanence, and salience of it is going to haunt you in just about every aspect of your life. Every […]
  • Rock Bottom?…Gimme Sacre!

    By Danny Silver on January 8, 2013
    Alright…FINALLY the rest of the world has caught up to what I’ve been saying all along….and by all along I mean since Phil’s last season in Los Angeles: This team isn’t that good regardless of the glitz of the individual pieces Other teams ooze of confidence when playing against this team (especially at Staples) This Laker team is built to […]
  • Tag team chumps

    By Danny Silver on January 3, 2013
    After a month filled with holidays, hope, vacation, winning streaks, losing streaks, encouraging moments, utter frustration and me absolutely freaking out about this team, I am finally back to the blog.  Unfortunately, however, the Lakers (15-16) are right where I left them.  They are still underachieving, still agonizing to watch, still under .500 and still out of the top 8 […]
  • An Epic and Incriminating Loss

    By Danny Silver on December 5, 2012
    I apologize for the lengthy delay since my last diatribe, but I’ve been too busy trying to figure this enigmatic team out. One night, they look like world beaters and the second coming of the 2001 playoff Lakers. On other nights they actually look like they are running in mud while completely disinterested and downright unwatchable. (Actually, in the spirit […]