• Why Carmelo Anthony fits in Los Angeles

    Today, Carmelo Anthony meets with the Lakers.  When I first heard the rumors of ‘Melo possibly coming to the Lakers, I laughed. “That’s so stupid! Why would they want two volume shooters on a team?” I said. The tandem of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant comes to mind. Their struggles over who gets the clutch shots, and […]

  • Lakers Season In Review: 2013-2014

    It’s official. The Los Angeles Lakers are mathematically incapable of being in the playoffs.  Of course, we already knew they wouldn’t make it.  All this means is that they are more games back from the 8-seed in the West than the number of games left in the season. For this reason (and because I’m having […]

  • Lakers Week in Review: Week 19

    This may have been the oddest week of the season. If I told you that within 7 days, the Lakers would beat the Trail Blazers in Portland, and the Oklahoma City Thunder in LA, you wouldn’t have believed me.  I wouldn’t have believed me.  And yet it happened. If I told you that the Lakers […]

  • Lakers Week In Review: Week 18

    Let’s talk about small ball. Mike D’Antoni swears by it.  Statisticians point out that per 100 possessions, the Lakers’ smaller lineups outscore their opponents by more than their bigger lineups.  So why aren’t the Lakers winning more games? It took a franchise-record 19 three-pointers to beat the 20-38 Kings, who are 1/2 game ahead of […]

  • Lakers Week in Review: Week 17

    We swept the Celtics! In a season full of disappointment, there have been few consolations.  For a while it was the presence and productivity of Swaggy P, and then he too got injured.  The following games were lethargic and tough to watch. With Pau and Jodie Meeks out as well, and Steve Nash still struggling […]

  • Lakers Week in Review: Week 16

    Chris Kaman hit the nail on the head. After the Lakers’ most recent loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, Chris Kaman said that the Lakers “are not used to winning right now.”  This may seem obvious as the Lakers have now lost 22 of their last 27 games. However, 12 out of those 22 losses […]

  • Lakers Week in Review: Week 15

    It finally happened. For the first time since January 3rd, the Lakers held their opponent under 100 points.  After giving up 64 points in the first half, the Lakers held the Philadelphia 76ers to just 34 points in the second half en route to a 112-98 win. That is a pretty encouraging half of defense, […]

  • Lakers Week in Review: Week 14

    This is not fun. If there was one thing to look forward to this season, it was that the Lakers should be fun to watch.  Mike D’Antoni’s quick pace should make for a lot of fun plays – fast break dunks, lots of ball movement, barrages of 3-pointers.  But it’s just not happening. The way […]

  • Lakers Week in Review: Week 13

    What Happened This Week The Lakers went 1-3 this week, moving to 16-28 on the year and 2-4 on the road trip.  They beat the Toronto Raptors, then lost in an overtime heartbreaker in Chicago before losing a couple close ones in Miami and in Orlando. The Lakers looked pretty good against both Toronto and […]

  • Lakers Week in Review: Week 12

    If the Lakers don’t win another game on this road trip, I’ll be okay. They won the game that mattered – in Boston on Rajon Rondo’s return to the court.  And they did it without their leading scorer, Nick Young, who was serving out his one game suspension for throwing a punch at Goran Dragic […]