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  • Fan Voice: Dwight Howard deserves more credit

    By Katelyn Tran on May 5, 2013
    It’s April of 2012 and the playoffs were just around the corner. Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic are facing the Philadelphia 76ers when Dwight injures his back right before halftime. He flies to Los Angeles to receive back surgery in order to repair a herniated disk. Just a few months after surgery, a four-team trade brings Dwight Howard to […]
  • Kobe Bryant: More than one of the greatest of all-time

    By Katelyn Tran on March 18, 2013
    As a kid growing up in Southern California, Kobe Bryant is obviously one of the biggest names in sports. I knew he used to be known as the greatest NBA player, but to be honest, I still believe he is. I’ll admit, I wasn’t so engaged in basketball until I hit middle school. It wasn’t until this season that I […]
  • Is chemistry Lakers’ biggest problem?

    By Katelyn Tran on February 11, 2013
    The Los Angeles Lakers just can’t seem to be able to remain consistent. After building a winning streak, many assumed it was the turning point for the Lakers. However, injuries continue to kill the team that has already been struggling enough. As if things weren’t bad enough for the team, rumors and drama begin to heat up.  From the media claiming that Kobe […]
  • Injury Report: Dwight Howard

    By Katelyn Tran on February 3, 2013
    After flying back to L.A. on Friday afternoon to receive a PRP procedure for his shoulder, Dwight Howard flew back to Detroit to join his teammates. He was expected to play today against the Detroit Pistons. However, according to Mike Trudell, Dwight Howard will not play today due to the shoulder injury. Dwight Howard said his shoulder feels a little […]
  • Winning Streak Snapped: Lakers start seven-game road trip with a loss

    By Katelyn Tran on January 30, 2013
    Not so fast. After a three-game winning streak, many were hoping the Lakers have turned things around. However, the Lakers begin their road trip with a disappointing loss to the Phoenix Suns, who were tied for the worst record in the West.  The Lakers committed 20 turnovers in this ball game and were outscored 13-29 in the 4th quarter. Just […]
  • Pau Gasol unhappy again with benching

    By Katelyn Tran on January 30, 2013
    The Lakers avoided being stung by the New Orleans Hornets last night, taking a 111-106 victory. However, Pau Gasol expressed that he was unhappy about being benched down the stretch. When asked how he felt about it, he said: “I’m a competitor & think I bring a lot to the table. It’s something I don’t like & don’t appreciate.” (via @MedinaLakersNBA) […]
  • No more panicking?

    By Katelyn Tran on January 28, 2013
    After a three-game winning streak, one against the Utah Jazz, one against the best team in the league, the Oklahoma City Thunder, and one against the New Orleans Hornets, it seems as if the Lakers have finally found their identity. The team decided to ditch Mike D’Antoni‘s system, which shows success. Kobe Bryant seems to have turned into “Kobe Johnson”. The Lakers and their […]