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  • The day my earth stood still

    By Zach Rivera on January 11, 2013
    The Day My Earth Stood Still. It is official. Mark this day down. In Chicago, January 9, 2013 will be remembered for a few reasons, at least personally. • It is 37 outside, but feels like 67. • I knew I had an easy day at work (one that allowed me some down time to type this). • Basketball practice […]
  • Growing up a Lakers fan in a city that bleeds Red

    By Zach Rivera on July 24, 2012
    Ask any basketball pundit the simple question of “Who is the best NBAer of all time?” and aside from a slight few trying – and failing – to make a case for someone else, the consensus answer is MJ. Yes, the slight few might say Russell, or Bird, or Magic. And with the inclusion of Wilt, these said players are universally […]