Barbosa: I’m talking to the Lakers, Steve Nash wants me there

Could the Lakers add another solid player to their bench? According to Leandro Barbosa, he’s currently talking to the Lakers and Steve Nash is recruiting him: 

Leandro Barbosa: “Among others, I’m talking with Phoenix, the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Lakers. Steve Nash even texted me because he wants me there.”

While adding Barbosa would be nice, don’t count on it just yet. Here’s why:

  • Remember Matt Barnes said he was talking with the Lakers? It looks like he won’t be signing here and he probably used the Lakers as leverage. I expect Barbosa to do the same.
  • Barbosa said he’s speaking to the Suns, Nets and Lakers “among others” so it hardly sounds like he’s narrowed down his choices.
  • Leandro apparently wants a big pay day. That doesn’t appear to be coming, but he still most likely will be wanting more than the NBA minimum and that’s all the Lakers can offer.
  • The Lakers already signed Jodie Meeks. Sure, Barbosa or Meeks could switch up playing the 1 or 2, but then they’d also be paying Steve Blake and Chris Duhon to sit on the bench.

These are just a few reasons why getting Barbosa is a long shot right now. I’d actually rather let Blake or Duhon carve out a defensive role off the pine this season – Blake has always been a scrappy, feisty player and Duhon used to have a reputation as being a solid defensive guard. On this team and playing for Mike Brown, he may be able to find his defensive role again.

Barbosa is a solid offensive player – most of the time – though like Blake he can be also streaky. With the Lakers’ bench consisting of offensive-minded players such as Meeks and Jamison, I’d rather see the guy at point play some solid defense, especially as he’ll be backing up Nash.

Don’t get me wrong, Barbosa for the minimum is too hard to pass up and I’d take him on in a heart beat for that price, but I just don’t see it happening right now.

(H/T to HoopsHype for the translation) 

Written by Ross Pickering

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