Carmelo Anthony Says He And Kobe Bryant Decided They Wouldn’t Work As Teammates?

Did Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony decide over the summer that they wouldn’t work together as teammates?

That’s what Anthony seems to be implying.

“They came in at the 25th hour, they swooped in there,’’ Anthony said of the Lakers, according to Marc Berman from the New York Post. “It was a great visit. The conversations I had with Kobe was just man to man. We both had to come to reality and say is this what we really want? And it didn’t happen. … We’ve been talking for a long time, man, especially this summer just me and him communicating and talking and being honest with one another as friends and brothers should be. It was a lot going on there on his behalf and my behalf trying to figure everything out.’’

The Lakers pulled out all the stops for Anthony over the summer, and a large portion of their presentation was reportedly based on Melo’s wife, La La Vasquez, and the kind of opportunities she could take advantage of by living in Los Angeles on a full time basis.

The Lakers are set to face the New York Knicks on Sunday at Madison Square Garden, though the matchup will obviously be missing Bryant due to season-ending shoulder surgery.

Anthony doesn’t think we’ve seen the last of Bryant, though.

“I know him, and this is not the way he wants to go out,’’ Anthony said of Bryant, per Berman. “I’m pretty sure he’ll do whatever he has to do to get back on the court one more time before he hangs them shoes up.’’

Written by Ross Pickering

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