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  • Thoughts on Kupchak’s comments…

    The fact that Kupchak says “we don’t have many options” as aside to saying “we’re not looking to trade” tells me he sees nothing big happening right now. I’m not sure if “we don’t have many options” increases your competitive advantage as a team looking to trade. If I’m a rival team, that tells me […]

  • Trade talk thoughts…

    You’d have to think that the Lakers would be interested in a package built around Derrick Williams and AK47 for Pau Gasol. Williams has untapped potential and you know what you’re gonna get from Kirilenko. AK47’s deal could be viewed as high but it’s half that of Pau’s and expires the same year. Williams is […]

  • Blake sitting out tonight’s game

    I very much doubt Blake sitting this one out tonight has anything to do with trades. His contract would be hard enough to move during the season, nevermind before it has even started. Last year at the trade deadline he was said to be involved in a trade – it even seemed at times it […]

  • Jodie Meeks and Antawn Jamison

    Last season, the most points scored by a Lakers bench player was 24 by Matt Barnes. L.A. now have Jamison and Meeks on the bench who scored 34 and 31 points as season highs respectively.

  • Mike Krzyzewski on Kobe Bryant

    “Well, he’s been doing it for 16 years in the NBA and in those 16 years the accomplishments are incredible. I mean, they’re worthy of a top-five player in the history of the game, really,” U.S. coach Mike Krzyzewski said. “And then he’s been so visible, been all over the world. In others words, he’s traveled all […]

  • Rick Ross on Kobe Bryant

    For those asking, Rick Ross recently had some comments about Kobe Bryant when he visited a Philadelphia radio station, according to “I couldn’t believe he disrespected sports that way. That’s the most absurd statement in the history of the NBA.” He was obviously talking about Kobe’s comments regarding the Dream Team. Bryant said the 2012 […]

  • Why Dwight Howard is keeping quiet

    If Dwight Howard went on Twitter right now and said “I want to be traded to the Lakers! I want to be a Laker!” and then the Magic ultimately decided to deal him to another team OR keep him – which basically happened with the Brooklyn situation – what would happen then? He’d ruin his […]

  • Jermaine O’Neal and Antawn Jamison

    If Jordan Hill walks for say $4-5 million, signing Antawn Jamison and/or Jermaine O’Neal would be a cheap replacement and insurance for Pau and Bynum. Hill wouldn’t get court time if we sign Jamison and he plays well. Jamison would likely play the Odom role – first guy off the bench and playing the 4 […]

  • Dwight and the bench

    The bottom line is that Dwight Howard is still available and that means that the Lakers will keep themselves in a position to get him by holding back on making some other moves…but they’re still going to be lining up other players to go after. They can juggle things to an extent. You don’t stop […]