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  • The Greatest Kobe Bryant Quote of All Time

    By Adrian Spinelli on August 26, 2014
    “I would go 0 for 30 before I went 0 for 9.” — Kobe Bryant SI recently released their piece on Kobe last week and today, SI’s Chris Ballard shared some extras that missed the cut. Here it is in context: This is Kobe Bryant in a nutshell. It’s this type of moxie that makes Kobe Bryant who he is. Surely […]
  • Lakers sign Jordan Clarkson to two-year deal

    By Ross Pickering on August 26, 2014
    The Los Angeles Lakers have finally signed Jordan Clarkson. Clarkson, who was selected on behalf of the Lakers by the Washington Wizards with the 46th pick on draft night, has signed a two-year deal with the purple and gold, according to Basketball Insiders. The first year guaranteed for $507,336, while the second year is for $845,059 and is non-guaranteed. The team will hold […]
  • Mitch Kupchak on Kobe Bryant: “You would not know he’s in his mid-30s, he’s got a hop in his step”

    By Ross Pickering on August 20, 2014
    Next season, the Los Angeles Lakers will only go as far as Kobe Bryant carries them. Yes, playing solid, team defense will be a big part of the Lakers’ success next season, though, as always, Bryant is the true wildcard, because when you have a healthy Kobe Bryant on your team, anything is possible. Therefore, Mitch Kupchak’s comments on the […]
  • Kobe Bryant probably didn’t make those comments about Andrew Wiggins

    By Ross Pickering on August 19, 2014
    Last week, various NBA websites were running with an apparent Kobe Bryant quote that popped up on Twitter. According to @2014MrBasket, Bryant said “Cleveland is making the same mistake that Charlotte made with me” by trading Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love. Bryant was traded by the Charlotte Hornets for Vlade Divac after the 1996 NBA Draft, while Wiggins is expected […]
  • Kobe Bryant says he’s “70 in basketball years,” uses Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” for motivation

    By Ross Pickering on August 19, 2014
    Kobe Bryant has been playing basketball since he was two-years-old, so to still be competing full-time at the age of 36 – as he will be at the start of next season – is pretty extraordinary to say the least. Bryant’s current contract is set to expire in 2016, which means that the five-time champion will have been an NBA player […]
  • PHOTO: Kobe Bryant on the cover of Sports Illustrated

    By Ross Pickering on August 19, 2014
    “Old media” is clearly still relevant, especially when a five-time NBA champion is involved. It was revealed today that Kobe Bryant would be gracing this week’s Sports Illustrated cover. There will also be an interview with Bryant inside the magazine that was conducted by veteran writer Chris Ballard who accompanied the Black Mamba during a portion of his tour of China earlier this […]
  • Byron Scott’s coaching staff to feature Mark Madsen, Jim Eyen

    By Ross Pickering on August 19, 2014
    Byron Scott’s coaching staff is beginning to take shape. According to Mark Medina from the L.A. Daily News, Scott will be retaining the services of Mark Madsen, who joined the Lakers as a developmental coach in 2013, while veteran coach Jim Eyen will also be brought on board. Eyen has been an NBA assistant coach since the 1980s when he […]
  • Brandon Jennings says Kobe Bryant is the GOAT

    By Ross Pickering on August 19, 2014
    Don’t let Brandon Jennings’ choice of t-shirts fool you. The Detroit Pistons point guard got people on Twitter talking today when he stated that Michael Jordan had more “help” than Kobe Bryant over the years, meaning that the Black Mamba should be considered as the greatest player of all time. The Kobe-Jordan debate will never end – especially when we […]
  • Anthony Davis on Kobe Bryant: “[He] took me under his wing”

    By Ross Pickering on August 16, 2014
    When Kobe Bryant first came into the league, he was a young player with a lot of skill on the court, but not so much when the final buzzer sounded and he stepped off it. For years, Bryant was branded a “loner” and usually stayed separate from the rest of his teammates. However, as Bryant grew older and matured as […]
  • This Instagram post by Carlos Boozer should be encouraging for Laker fans

    By Ross Pickering on August 16, 2014
    When the Los Angeles Lakers acquired Carlos Boozer via a partial waiver amnesty claim last month, most fans of the purple and gold reacted badly. Despite Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss picking up the veteran for just $3.25 million, the majority of L.A.’s followers simply didn’t want Boozer on their team, and some of that was to do with Boozer’s […]