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    VIDEO: Luke Walton Talks For First Time Since Being Hired By Lakers

    The Golden State Warriors are set to begin their second-round matchup against the Portland Trail Blazers this weekend, though on Saturday the focus from reporters wasn’t on how Steve Kerr plans to defend Damian Lillard. Instead, the spotlight was on Kerr’s lead assistant coach, Luke Walton. After agreeing to become the next head coach of […]

  • VIDEO: Jeanie Buss On The Herd (Full Interview)

    When Jeanie Buss was booked to be a guest on The Herd three weeks ago, she was meant to go on and talk about Kobe Bryant and his transition into retirement. Then Byron Scott was fired, and Lakerland went nuts. To her credit, Jeanie still showed up and took questions from Colin Cowherd on Byron’s […]

  • VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Tells Ellen He “Couldn’t Believe” His 60-Point Finale Actually Happened

    It’s been a couple of weeks since Kobe Bryant retired from the game of basketball, yet it seems that the Black Mamba still has no regrets. In his first interview since retiring on April 13, Bryant sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to discuss his 60-point finale – “I couldn’t believe that it actually happened,” Kobe said […]

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    VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Moonwalks Before Shooting Final NBA Free Throws

    Kobe Bryant’s final game was extremely exciting. In fact, it was so exciting that Kobe decided to dance like Michael Jackson after his final trip to the free throw line! What? You didn’t see Kobe moonwalk at the line last week?! Well, to tell the truth, neither did we until Ellen DeGeneres and her team decided to […]

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    You’re Not A Kobe Bryant Fan If This Video Doesn’t Give You Chills

    On Wednesday night, Kobe Bryant stepped away from the game of basketball in spectacular fashion, scoring 60 points and leading the Lakers to victory one last time. It was vintage Mamba, and will make for a great end to the film or documentary that Bryant produces at some point down the road – the five-time […]

  • VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Hits Game-Winner In Final NBA Appearance

    You thought Hollywood endings were only in films, huh? Well, you’re wrong. When Kobe Bryant’s involved, anything’s possible. In his final NBA appearance on Wednesday night, Bryant went off for an incredible 60 points. The 37-year-old put up 23 points in the fourth quarter, outscoring the Utah Jazz who scored just 21, and ended up hitting […]

  • VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Reflects On His Career In Final Days As A Laker

    Twenty years is a long time. Since Kobe Bryant entered the league in 1996, the world has become a completely different place. Gone are the days of players wearing baggy jeans as they stroll into the arena while they listen to a cassette tape on their Walkman (Google it, kids). When Kobe first stepped foot on an […]