Chris Douglas-Roberts: I don’t know about Smush, but Kobe’s been great with me from day one

Kobe Bryant and Smush Parker kind of went at it last week. Smush ended up calling Kobe a bad teammate, amongst other things. 

So, how has Kobe been in training camp so far this year? held an extensive question-and-answer session with Chris Douglas-Roberts, and according to CDR, Bryant he couldn’t be any better:

Kobe is my man. He’s been great to me. I don’t know about Smush, but Kobe’s been great with me from day one. He’s a lunatic out here on the court, but I am too. He’s one of the greatest to ever play this game … and I’ve seen a guy who comes in here every day and treats practice like a game. I’ve seen a guy that will do anything to win. I’ve seen a guy who’s extremely competitive in each part of his day. I figured out that Kobe talks trash to keep you at a certain level. It’s about the alpha. This is what he does, and if you run with your tail between your legs, he sees this and he’s going to act on this. I have no problem with that. I like that.

It’s always a great sign when Kobe likes you, so hopefully that will bode well for Douglas-Roberts and he might snag a place on the opening night roster.

CDR has been impressive so far, showing off his ability to score the basketball. It seems he’s picking up a few pointers from Kobe to get even better:

The little things I’m going to steal are how to get a defender off balance in subtle ways without the ref seeing. What he does when you come off a screen. A little elbow or a little shove when you come around the screen. All that stuff.

I like Chris. Not only does he seem like a cool guy, but he has a scorers mentality and a big frame; he could be a useful player off the Lakers’ bench this year.

He could actually be a steal for the Lakers. He’s still young at 25, but he has some experience in the league under his belt. He averaged nearly 17 points per game in November and December during his sophomore season.

His NBA career was pretty much derailed after that scoring binge though and it was mostly due to matters that were out of his hands. It’s well worth reading the piece to discover why and find out more about CDR’s background.

Written by Ross Pickering

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