Chris Paul booed while attending Dodgers game

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Ross Pickering

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Ah, the things a veto can do.

In case you didn’t know, Chris Paul still isn’t loved in Los Angeles. Therefore, despite the Clippers’ recent success, it’s clear that L.A. is most definitely still a Lakers town.

While attending yesterday’s Dodgers game, the Clippers’ star point guard was booed by the crowd, according to Arash Markazi from ESPN Los Angeles.

In fact, Markazi says that Paul was “booed louder than any [San Francisco] Giants player on the field.”


However, CP3 claims that he knew the poor reception was coming.

“I expected it,” Paul said, according to Markazi. “When they came and asked me to that thing with Carl Crawford [an in-stadium trivia game] I said they were going to boo the life out of me. I told Cat (Belanger, the Dodgers’ broadcast and entertainment coordinator). She’s been there every time that I’ve been there for games and she was like, ‘It’s cool.’”

Things would’ve been very different if former NBA commissioner David Stern didn’t get involved in the Lakers’ would-be trade for Paul back in late 2011. If the deal wasn’t nullified, CP3 would now receive a hero’s welcome at Dodger games and the Lakers likely wouldn’t currently be a lottery team.

Damn you, “basketball reasons.”

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