Chris Paul says he preferred trade to Clippers than Lakers


Chris Paul told recently that he always wanted to be a Clipper, not a Laker:

Some might think Paul is simply playing revisionist history, but he swears he always wanted to be a Clipper. Even while his trade to the Lakers was being worked out with a Clippers trade on the backburner, Paul said Thursday night, he always hoped the Clippers deal would happen instead of the Lakers deal.

“They were talking about the possibility of where I might be traded to,” Paul said. “I really hoped and wanted to come here and try to build something and do things that have never been done here.”

Paul compared it to his recruiting process in college when Skip Prosser was trying to get Paul to go to Wake Forest instead of more storied programs such as Duke and North Carolina.

“Wake Forest beat Duke after a big game, and I was a junior or senior in high school,” Paul said. “And Skip Prosser came up to me and said, ‘See, we’re trying to build something.’ We wanted Wake to be like the Dukes and North Carolinas. Obviously we have a long way to go but that had a lot to do with why I went to Wake.”

Yeah, OK, Chris. We believe you…or not. It was obvious when Paul sent out the now infamous “WoW” tweet after the trade was vetoed that he wanted to be traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. He was even looking into taking legal action to have the move reversed.

But, he’s now with the Los Angeles Clippers, and he’s not going to come out and disrespect his team by saying he’d rather be playing for their crosstown rival: it’s just not going to happen.

We know how you really feel though, Chris…

Written by Ross Pickering

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