Could the Clippers trade DeAndre Jordan and Caron Butler to free cap space and sign Dwight Howard in the off-season?


The NBA trade deadline is just a week away, so there’s lots of crazy rumors flying all over the place right now.

One “interesting scenario” mentioned to Chris Broussard by NBA executives involved the Los Angeles Clippers and Dwight Howard:

There was one interesting scenario that a few execs mentioned to me involving the Los Angeles Clippers. It’s the notion that the Clippers might move DeAndre Jordan and Caron Butler before the deadline in an attempt to clear cap space to sign Dwight Howard to a max deal this summer.

While his time with the Lakers has been a nightmare, Howard loves living in Los Angeles.

However, such a move would still require more contracts to come off the Clippers’ books, and it’s hard to imagine them breaking up their best team ever with the intention of signing Howard this off-season without any assurances from D12’s camp that he’d even consider joining their franchise:

The Clippers have heard the scuttlebutt about this scenario, but would never consider such a thing without assurances from Howard and his camp that he would leave the extra $30 million the Lakers can offer him on the table and sign down the hall with them. And even if such assurances came, Howard’s word lately hasn’t exactly been steadfast.

There was another Broussard rumor that came out a few weeks back that said the Clippers were prepared to offer Jordan and Eric Bledsoe in exchange for Dwight, but it doesn’t look like that’s a deal the Lakers would ever consider doing.

Written by Ross Pickering

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