Dwight Howard would rather be traded to Lakers than return to Orlando

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Ross Pickering

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Dwight Howard to the Lakers rumors are over. Right? Wrong.

According to SheridanHoops.com, Howard doesn’t want to return to Orlando so much that he would rather join the Lakers or the Clippers:

Mark Heisler doesn’t think the Lakers are going to trade Andrew Bynum, and even though there was substance to the school of thought that Howard did not want to go to the Lakers because he doesn’t want to be seen as a second Shaq (not to mention being the second-biggest superstar on the team), my source says either the Lakers or Clippers would be a more desirable landing zone than returning to Orlando — that’s how much Howard wants out.

This is fairly surprising, especially seeing as Howard apparently didn’t want to come to Los Angeles before. Also, just days ago the Magic fired coach Stan Van Gundy and General Manager Otis Smith in an apparent attempt to please Howard. Maybe the moves were made as a last resort?

Anyway, even though Mark Heisler is quoted above as saying the Lakers wouldn’t trade Andrew Bynum, would you like to see him shipped out for Dwight Howard? Let us know in the comments section below!