Dwight Howard would rather be traded to Lakers than return to Orlando

Dwight Howard to the Lakers rumors are over. Right? Wrong.

According to SheridanHoops.com, Howard doesn’t want to return to Orlando so much that he would rather join the Lakers or the Clippers:

Mark Heisler doesn’t think the Lakers are going to trade Andrew Bynum, and even though there was substance to the school of thought that Howard did not want to go to the Lakers because he doesn’t want to be seen as a second Shaq (not to mention being the second-biggest superstar on the team), my source says either the Lakers or Clippers would be a more desirable landing zone than returning to Orlando — that’s how much Howard wants out.

This is fairly surprising, especially seeing as Howard apparently didn’t want to come to Los Angeles before. Also, just days ago the Magic fired coach Stan Van Gundy and General Manager Otis Smith in an apparent attempt to please Howard. Maybe the moves were made as a last resort?

Anyway, even though Mark Heisler is quoted above as saying the Lakers wouldn’t trade Andrew Bynum, would you like to see him shipped out for Dwight Howard? Let us know in the comments section below!

Written by Ross Pickering

Ross Pickering is the founder of Lakerholicz.com. He's here to bring you daily updates on your Los Angeles Lakers, despite living 5,485 miles away from L.A. in England. You can follow him on Twitter: @RossPickering


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  1. Good God yes! Bynum rarely helps in scoring, and Howard is a constant beast in the paint on offense and defense! That would be amazing. The Lakers would finally have a duo. Instead of the fake “LA big three” that only shows up when Kobe doesnt score over more than 25 points. Trade Gasol and Bynum. Get Reddick if you have to along with Howard.

  2. Bynum seems so fit for LA. Idk, they’re both great and dominate. I guess what I’m saying is Bynum is already part of the Laker Fam so let’s definitely keep him.

    • what the world does “Laker Fam” mean? He had ONE MONSTER GAME all play-offs. So we wait for drew fam to win titles? You sound about as satisfied as drew Laker family mean Lakers win Titles not a fw play-off games this is the Lakers not Clippers

  3. Get Howard he’s consistent that’s what LA.Needs on a nightly bases Andrew just can’t show up every once in a while Kobe is not the player that he once was…. So get dwight

  4. Since the Playoffs I no longer want to see Gasol or Bynum in a Laker uniform, they just don’t match the desire and intensity of Kobe to constantly win championships, Snatch Howard he is a player seeking his first title and will do anything to get it, which means CONSISTENT effort then we may even be able to go out and get Deron Williams a player who will be in his last year of his contract, which also is title hungry. LETS MAKE SOME TRADES LA !

  5. Not an easy answer. Why does Bynum disappear for stretches? Is he unhappy at not getting the ball? Is he content, having won two titles already? Is he pouting because he isn’t yet “the man,” and the ball doesn’t run through him on offense? We’ve seen brilliant play in stretches, just not consistently. I’m ok with difficulty scoring when he’s double-teamed more often because the Lakers don’t have perimeter shooters, but I’m not ok with 4 rebounds in a closeout game.But Howard isn’t much better at times. He’s more interested in being everyone’s buddy, that he doesn’t seem to want to do what it takes to win a title at all cost. He’s a beast on the defensive boards, but a huge liability with his free throw shooting. And until recently, his health would have probably been the trump card, but Bynum had a healthy season, and Howard didn’t.

    Not an easy decision. Both have huge upsides. I think I would probably pull the trigger on the deal if I had a choice, because Bynum’s complacency and apparent immaturity is a big concern.

  6. I think Howard for Bynum is a good move. Then just address the bench. Lakers go get HOWARD!!!!

  7. Get Howard! There’s no point of Bynum being in LA when he performs well some nights, but when it really matters he doesn’t do what we know he is capable of doing. You would rather have 8 to 15 consistent boards a game than 30 one game and then 4 in a closeout game. Howard has the intensity we need

  8. The Lakers don’t need Howard. They need to get more foot speed, more athleticism, better perimeter shooting, and more productive bench players. Howard doesn’t help with any of that

    • they NEED Howard how many MORE years to we wait for drew to have a COMPLETE season? Double doubles should be a habit with him Kobe does not have time to “wait for drew” we waited 6 years already.

    • i would take howards + 10 rebounds & points per game consistently over bynums stats any time of the day.

  9. I would take D. Howard over Bynum any day. Bynum has no desire to win championships. The Lakers need a team that is dedicated to winning championships. 

  10. Without a doubt I would appreciate a trade like this. I mean, even as a fan of Bynum, one must admit, that he has not been the most productive big men when we needed him to be. The sad part is, that he has the capability, just not the intelligence to know when it matters most. In order to obtain a championship, you have to get wins in the playoffs. And it TAKES EVERY PLAYER to get a W. For whatever reason, the Laker Bigs just do not have the passion and desire to dominate the paint and get rings. It would be extremely beneficial for the Lakers to obatin someone with the passion, talent and desire to do just that…. someone like Dwight Howard.

  11. Bynum has become lazy. He is hot headed and is not a good fit in LA. Take the better,bigger, more aggressive Howard

    • Become? when has he ever been anything else? tired of his disappearing re-appearing acts we are going to wait for drew and watch Kobe retire While we KEEP waiting for drew

  12. I am a huge Laker fan. And I am also a fan of Bynum. And as much as I don’t want to see Bynum go, I really would like to get Howard. It’s kind of a sad situation, but much better for the team. Set aside personal feelings and do whatever it takes to win championships. Deffinetlly do it. Go get Howard.

  13. I would keep Andrew given he had a much improved season and build a solid bench instead but if a Deron Williams or Dwight Howard or even Josh Smith it’s hard to say no. Me personally I will trade Gasol instead

    • Why? Pau was sacrificed and put at the 3 point line instead of on the post. Phil Jackson kept him in the post that is where Pau operates browns coaching did not utilize ANYONE other than Kobe to their maximum. Case and point…when was Ramon Sessions at his best? Think!!! It was BEFORE he knew “the offense” when he took the initiative and drove to the basket, when Ramon winged it he was great. He learned the offense and became a PRISONER to it as did the entire team. Jump shot jump shot jump shot that is NO advantage

  14. drew is better all around problem is drew plays hard every 10 games no excuse for anything less than a double double every night. We Lakers fans waited waited STILL waiting for a complete drew bynum meanwhile Kobe as great as he is IS not getting younger and being wasted WAITING for drew to both catch up in desire and effort and grow up!!!

  15. I think they should keep bynum, think about it bynum is younger he still has work to do to get better and trust me he will get better. He really wants to stay in LA he said it. And he said during the off-season he’ll be working on his consistency. I don’t think yall should be jumping down his throat this is the first time he has a big roll to play and this also his first time having a healthy season. I mean dwight howard is great too but keep bynum

    • lol he’s already been in the league for 6 something years he’s not gonna improve anymore what you see is what you’ll get with bynum this year is his max potential talent wise.