Dwight: I want us to win the championship, that’s the only thing that matters


Dwight Howard is on a roll: he dropped an epic quote just the other day. Here’s another now, according to USA Today:

[pullquote]”People assume that, because Kobe is out, that we all have to try to go for 30 points every night,” Howard said. “That’s not the case (just) because he’s out. We have to play great team basketball, get everybody involved. Stats — it looks good on paper. It looks good for the highlights. But we win the game on the other end, playing defense and just going out there and going hard.

“It’s not about the points that we put up, so I’m not looking to go out every night and get 60 (points). That looks good. That would be great for myself, but the main concern is just winning a championship and doing it together. I just want to win. It’s that simple. I want us to win the championship and have a big turnaround from where we started this season. That’s the only thing that matters to me.”[/pullquote]

Dwight definitely showed his worth on the defensive end when the Lakers beat the Rockets on Wednesday night – the Lakers will need that kind of performance from him in the playoffs every game if they hope to make any noise in the post-season.

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Written by Ross Pickering

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