ESPN Insider: Why a Millsap-Gasol trade works

Here’s another trade idea involving Pau Gasol. This time, it comes from ESPN’s Insider:

Here’s the framework of a deal (Note: Players are paired with the years left on their contracts and 2012-13 salary): 

Lakers receive: Millsap (one, $8M) Mo Williams (one, $8.5M), DeSagana Diop (one, $7.4M),Raja Bell (one, $3.5M)

Jazz receive: Gasol (two, $19M), Kemba Walker (three, $2.5M), Ben Gordon (two, $12.4M),Earl Clark (one, $1.2M)

Bobcats receive: Jefferson (one, $15M), Kanter (three, $4.5M), Chris Duhon (two, $3.5M),Darius Johnson-Odom (one, $0.5M)

Millsap has been linked to the Lakers for a while now, but it’s mostly been by fans who’d like to see him in Los Angeles.

At 27-years-old, Millsap is a solid player – over the last two seasons, he’s averaged nearly 17 ppg and 8.2 rpg – though this season his scoring numbers have dipped a little at 14.7 ppg.

Some of that is due to less opportunities as the Jazz try to get Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter more court time, and he also has to share a roster with veteran Al Jefferson.

You can see why the Lakers would be interested in Millsap, as he can spread the floor and is even shooting 45% from three this year.

The Lakers may be turned off by his current contract situation, though. His $8.6 million deal expires in the summer and he’ll want a new deal. He isn’t a max contract player, but he’s going to want more than the $8.6 million he’s currently earning this season.

As discussed before, Los Angeles’ plan for a long time has been to have lots of cap space in 2014 so they can chase one, or maybe even two, of the top free agents that year. Giving a long-term deal to Millsap could disrupt those plans.

I’m not sure whether the Lakers would be able to get Mo Williams in this trade – and I don’t think the Jazz would want to move Enes Kanter – though if the Lakers could somehow get their hands on Millsap, he’d definitely fit in with what they’re trying to do.

Written by Ross Pickering

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  1. The jazz arent gonna give up their 3 best players for an aging gasol, young walker, and inconsistant ben gordon. Dumb trade

    • true, dumb trade…as the Lakers would be giving up their best center (Pau, who plays center better than power forward, but hasn’t been able to, having to take a back seat to Dwight)…AND they would be giving up Earl Clark, a guy who may not be a fluke….Clark looks like he could be a Shawn Marion type player without the ugly shot…plus Milsap isn’t handsome enough to play in LA (hey, that’s a joke, with a bit of truth in there)…and Duhon, a guard who the Lakers could use in the transition over the next few years, as Nash ages, and before Nash’s eventual replacement evolves (Morris???). Utah might do the trade as they could pray that bringing in Pau could bring them to the promised land as he did for the Lakers in his 1st 2.5 years with them…but that was years ago….

  2. i dont see jordan giving up his best player for a guy who is gonna lower there ping pong balls when jordan is on record saying the best way to build is bottoming out – ie g.wallace trade