Free agency watch


This is the part of the NBA off-season where we see the pool of players left without contracts treat free agency as musical chairs, moving from team to team for the right price.

The Los Angeles Lakers have gone free agent shopping with limited funds to spend this off-season due to being well over the salary cap. After losing Dwight Howard, the Lakers were forced to look into their Plan B which would hopefully give the team a competitive edge in the Western Conference.

Los Angeles made veteran center Chris Kaman their first free agent signing for the mini mid-level exception, a move that adds depth to the front court. Following the addition of Kaman, many were shocked to hear of the return of the hometown players, Jordan Farmar and Nick Young, who both put their egos and greed for money aside to be a Laker, which shows the dedication they have to the franchise.

Also, Los Angeles came to an agreement on a one-year contract with swingman Wesley Johnson, a move which will add youth and length to the roster. Johnson has had his struggles in the Association with the Minnesota Timberwolves and Phoenix Suns, however, the past has taught us that certain players can flourish under the right system.

Overall, the Lakers have taken the right approach this off-season by adding players with both experience and youth on their side. They are still looking to add other players to help contribute to this team.

It is not a championship caliber roster, however, it is a roster that will be competitive and will be looking forward to making a push for the post-season.

This is an article by Eugene Jones. You can follow him on Twitter: @Hugo_Jones1