Game Report: Grizzlies defeat Lakers 106 – 98

Game Report: Grizzlies defeat Lakers 106 – 98

For the second consecutive game, both Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol played poorly, and as a result the Lakers posted their second consecutive loss.

Dwight shot 2-7 for seven points, and chipped in only four rebounds in 39 minutes of play. Pau shot 3-8 for only six points, and chipped in only four rebounds in 27 minutes. Whereas Howard finished the game at +1, Gasol finished the game at -23, which is likely why he watched the fourth quarter from the bench. 

And if Kobe’s 30 point-game looks good at a glance, take a closer look at the box score. He shot 7-23 from the field and was a -22 on the night.

This wasn’t an entirely gloom and doom game, though. The Lakers lost on the road to the team with the best record in basketball, and they actually outscored the Grizzlies over the last three quarters of the game. But they were unable to recover from a bad first quarter.

The bright spot for the game was bench play of Jamison, Duhon and Meeks, who outplayed the starters and kept the Lakers in the game. Of interest, though, is that Jamison had a break-out game playing power forward, rather than playing small forward as he has all year. If D’Antoni begins to view Jamison as a power forward, what will happen to Jordan Hill’s minutes?

There’s no time to wallow in this loss, though – the Lakers are on a plane and headed to Dallas, where they will try to avenge an opening night loss against the Mavericks tomorrow night. It will be the Lakers’ fourth game in just five nights.

Nash missed his eleventh full game tonight, and there is no evidence that he will be returning any time soon. Nash let the media know today that he hasn’t even been cleared to jog, and the latest rumours are now for a mid-December return.

This team is good enough without Nash to keep itself on the play-off bubble, and so the Lakers can afford to rest Nash until his leg is completely healed. But, for the love of Pete, Leg of Nash – heal!

Lakers Player of the Game

Tonight’s player-of-the-game goes to first-time winner Antwan Jamison. After having scored no more than eight points in a single game through 12 games this season, Jamison scored 16 points on 7-11 shooting tonight, and grabbed seven rebounds, in 26 minutes.  “Nicely done!,” “Where have you been?,” and “Can you do that again tomorrow?” are all phrases that leap to mind.

I have always wondered this about Jamison but have never asked: Why is his name pronounced “An-twon” when it is spelled “Antawn”?  If you know the answer, please be generous and share it with me. I will return the favour with an equally interesting and useless piece of minutia.

Tonight’s Top Two Tweets in my Twitter Feed

“After 15 combined points at Sacramento, Gasol/Howard combined for 13 tonight, and only 4 boards apiece.” – Mike Trudell (@LakersReporter), post-game tweet

“When they get Nash back and some time to learn what D’Antoni wants – should be different – but not close yet.” – Eric Pincus (@EricPincus), post-game tweet

Next Game

Saturday, November 24 at the Dallas Mavericks, 6:30 p.m. PST

Written by Craig Lawson

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