Jodie Meeks praises Kobe Bryant, dispels “bad teammate” rumors

For years, there’s been rumors that Kobe Bryant is a bad teammate. A horrible guy in the locker room. Not a team player.

Of course, a lot of that has come from Smush Parker. jodie-meeks-kobe-bryant

Anyway, one of Kobe’s current teammates had nothing but good things to say about the Black Mamba. Here’s what Jodie Meeks told

“I heard a lot of things about playing with Kobe [Bryant], and a lot of them were bad,” Meeks said. “But it turns out that most of that stuff must have been made up. He’s been a mentor to me. He works hard every day. He’s the ultimate pro.”

We’ve heard a lot of different stories like this in recent years: from guys like Shannon Brown, Trevor Ariza and even Chris Douglas-Roberts, they’ve all had nothing but praise for Kobe.

Here’s what CDR recently said on his Tumblr blog – the whole thing is well worth a read, by the way:

I took positives away from my month with the Lakers too. I developed a relationship with Kobe Bryant. He showed me how to be a pro. He showed me real work ethic. Playing against him everyday made me so much of a better player. He understood me. He understood that its a difference in having a bad attitude and being competitive and wanting to win every drill/game. One night after a game and we were in the showers and he told me “you have no other choice. You were put here to be basketball player. You have to fight until you’re one of them boys. You’re too talented. I played behind mfers that I was better than up until my third year but I KNEW I would be who I am today then. I work too hard not to break through.”

I appreciate the opportunity the Lakers gave me. I looked at that month with the Lakers as an internship under Bean. I gained knowledge that I couldn’t have gotten any other way. That’s what I took from that situation.

If that’s not a testimonial for Kobe as a teammate, I don’t know what is.

Written by Ross Pickering

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