Jordan Clarkson And Julius Randle Are Bonding Via Instagram And It’s Awesome

We already know that Jordan Clarkson and rookie point guard D’Angelo Russell are bonding on and off the court, but what about Clarkson and Julius Randle?

Both are from the 2014 draft class, after all.

Well, incase it wasn’t already clear to you – their play when on the floor together has been pretty impressive so far this preseason – then this little Instagram exchange between the two should show you that both of these young dudes are looking forward to playing alongside each other.

Firstly, Randle posted a photo of himself and Clarkson stood next to each other with their backs to the camera. The Kentucky product didn’t post a caption, but he tagged Clarkson who reposted the same pic less than an hour later.

Texas 2 LA.the night show. the rodeo @juliusrandle30

A photo posted by Jordan Clarkson (@jclark5on) on

“Texas 2 LA.the night show. the rodeo,” Clarkson wrote in the caption, making reference to the state where both players were born.

Of course, it’s going to take a lot more than a couple of Instagram photos for the Lakers to make it back to the promised land, but this kind of off-the-court team building can go a long way when it comes to chemistry on the court.

We’ve had a rough few years but the future is bright, Laker fans.

Written by Ross Pickering

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