Kevin Durant gets into Twitter argument over 2012 game against Lakers, Devin Ebanks


Do you remember the time Devin Ebanks held Kevin Durant to 5-for-19 shooting? KD certainly does.

In the game that saw Metta World Peace get ejected for elbowing James Harden in the head, Jordan Hill emerge as a key contributor off the bench and Kobe Bryant convert on a couple of insane three-point shots to take the game to overtime, another guy stepped up, too: Devin Ebanks.

Seeing as MWP was ejected, Ebanks was given the task of guarding Durant during the fourth quarter and the two overtime periods. Ebanks stepped up as he held KD to 5-for-19 shooting and helped the Lakers snag a late-season victory thanks to his inspired play.

We all thought Ebanks had finally arrived after this game in April of 2012. After showing glimpses of what he could do over the years, the former second-round pick seemingly realized his potential in a big game and shut down one of the best players in the world.

Even Bryant was impressed by Ebanks’ play (“Devin really grew up tonight,” Kobe said at the time) but one guy who never believed in the hype was Durant himself, and to this day he still pretty much refuses to give Devin any props for his performance that night.

Today on Twitter, John Flowers, who played with Ebanks at West Virginia, tagged KD in a tweet that mentioned the 2014 Most Valuable Player’s 5-for-19 game:

KD then responded and seemed reluctant to give Ebanks any real credit:


However, Durant did then give in and send a compliment Ebanks’ way. Kinda:

Sure, it’s the offseason and KD is likely just looking to kill a little time, but I do find it funny that he’s arguing with someone on Twitter about a game in 2012 that featured a player who is no longer in the league.

However, in Ebanks’ defense (no pun intended) he had a decent stint at the Las Vegas Summer League this past week where he posted averages of 13.5 points and 7.2 rebounds per game, so there’s a possibility the 24-year-old could be back in the Association next season.

And as for you, Kev: Just come to the Lakers in 2016 and we can forget this whole thing ever happened. We’ll erase the game tape and everything!

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