Kobe Bryant (4th), Dwight Howard (31st) and Pau Gasol (37th) make Top 50 list of U.S. sports’ highest earners


The Los Angeles Lakers are worth a lot of money across the board.

Earlier this year, Forbes revealed that the Lakers were worth $1 billion as a franchise. Sports Illustrated have now put out a list of their own, reporting that the Lakers have three of the Top 50 highest earning sports stars in the United States.

Kobe Bryant came 4th in the list, with an estimated $46.8 million heading his way this year. Bryant will apparently earn $19 million just from endorsement deals alone.

Dwight Howard is next up at 31, with a total of $21.9 million said to be heading his way in 2013. As SI points out, Howard was expected to attract a plethora of endorsement deals after being traded to Los Angeles, but he’s only earning $2.4 million. SI‘s advertising experts say that Howard’s “bad attitude in recent years has hurt his marketability” – would that marketability be hurt even more so if he left the Lakers for yet another team this summer? Quite possibly.

However, if Howard decided to stay in L.A, he may see his public perception return to being positive like it used to be. LeBron James saw a similar backlash from the public after “The Decision” in 2010, but his “marketability” is now at an all-time high as he has risen to the 2nd highest paid sports person in America.

As for Pau Gasol, he came in at 37 thanks to his $21.1 million income this year, which includes $2.1 million worth of endorsement deals.

The Lakers and the Miami Heat were the only two NBA teams to have three of their players on the list, with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh representing South Beach.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. came first on the list for the second year running with a $90 million income.


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Written by Ross Pickering

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