Kobe Bryant (finally) joins Twitter

Will he? Won’t he?

We’ve wondered for years whether Kobe would actually join Twitter. Well, today he finally did!

The Black Mamba announced his arrival at 9:13am PST:

Kobe’s wife, Vanessa, shortly after confirmed that Kobe had indeed started tweeting via a post on her Instagram account.

Kobe recently took over Nike’s Twitter account for a few days over Christmas. After he gave the account back, he said he wasn’t sure if he’d join, but he liked the idea of Twitter, per Eric Pincus:

“I don’t know if I have the time available to really give the fans the attention that they deserve,” he said.

Bryant has been active over the past year on Facebook but said he appreciated how Twitter enabled him to interact with fans.

“You’re able to get a lot of great feedback about the game but also about the product as well — what they thought, what they like, what they didn’t like,” he said.  “It’s the best way to gauge reaction.”

Well, he’s here now! It’s going to be interesting to see what he has to say…

Lakerholicz out.

Written by Ross Pickering

Ross Pickering is the founder of Lakerholicz.com. He's here to bring you daily updates on your Los Angeles Lakers, despite living 5,485 miles away from L.A. in England. You can follow him on Twitter: @RossPickering