Kobe Bryant’s Reaction To The Lakers’ Postgame Celebration Is Priceless. Classic Black Mamba.

Oh man.

Kobe Bryant appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night, and the Los Angeles based talk show host played the Black Mamba a clip of his Lakers teammates going crazy after beating the Boston Celtics in overtime on Sunday evening.

So, what was Kobe’s reaction to the postgame antics of Nick Young, Jordan Hill, Jeremy Lin and Carlos Boozer? Let’s just say he didn’t look too pleased.

In fact, he was lost for words.

Check it out – this is awesome:

Written by Ross Pickering

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  1. Lol man that was classic… He’s right too ain’t a soul on the Lakers who should be feeling comfortable enough to celebrate one lucky win in a season of absolute garbage… Enjoy it now cuz y’all are gone this summer