Kurt Rambis on Kobe Bryant: “He is the best I have ever seen at dealing with obstacles players have in front of them”


We still don’t know when Kobe Bryant will be back on a basketball court, but we do know that he’ll work as hard as possible in order to be his best when he finally does lace up his signature Nike shoes once again.

In a recent interview, Kurt Rambis discussed the highly anticipated return of the Black Mamba, with Rambis expecting Bryant to come back “at full capacity” according to Sporting News:

[pullquote]All in all, it is still too early to pin down a date for Bryant’s return. On Friday, Lakers assistant coach Kurt Rambis told Sporting News that Bryant will need to be examined in the next few weeks before anyone can begin to focus on a return date.

“The Lakers won’t know a whole lot about projecting when Kobe will be ready until the end of this month,” Rambis said. “That is what I am hearing. At the end of this month, they will re-evaluate where his healing process is. That will be an indicator of when he might be ready to come back.”

But Rambis expects that when Bryant does return, it will be at full capacity.

“Working with Kobe, watching Kobe, seeing how diligent he is in taking care of his body, making sure that rehab-wise, he is always doing the right thing,” Rambis said, “watching how hard he works off the court to get his body prepared and ready to go through the grind of a season—he is the best I have ever seen at dealing with those obstacles that players have in front of them.”[/pullquote]

The fact that Kobe works so hard on and off the court will likely be the difference in him returning stronger from this injury than your regular NBA-er.

Of course, age isn’t on Bryant’s side, but advances in medical science and his unworldly work ethic should make a strong return possible for the soon-t0-be 35-year-old.

Written by Ross Pickering

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