Lakerholicz Mailbag: Benefits of Nash’s return and 2014 Free Agency

Welcome to the first edition of the Lakerholicz Mailbag! Each week, I will choose questions that you guys tweet me @WOLF_CHUKI and try to give as good as of a response I can give. I will also include your twitter name with the question you asked so that you can share a little bit of the Lakerholicz fame. Enjoy!

How will Nash’s return help Pau and Dwight get back on track offensively? By @RyanKelapire

This is a great question Ryan and definitely something that all of us Laker fans are hoping for once Steve Nash returns. I definitely believe that both Pau and Dwight will both benefit from the return of Nash. Currently, with the exception of Kobe Bryant, there isn’t anybody on the court for the Lakers who knows how to utilize the two 7 footers.

Darius Morris has done a solid job at the point guard position for the young 21 year old inexperienced player that he is. As good as he is or can become, he doesn’t nearly have the knowledge or passing ability that Steve Nash has shown over his long storied career. With Nash, we will see much more pick and rolls, high screens, and easy buckets for Gasol and Howard. This is especially true when considering that Nash is the master of Mike D’Antoni’s offensive system.

Howard is a dominating force, who can receive the ball anywhere near the basket and finish at will. He is still recovering from his back injury, but he’s looking stronger and stronger each game. I believe that Gasol will benefit the most with the return of Nash. It’s currently complicated for him to get as close to the basket as we would like, because it’s Dwight’s territory. Steve Nash will get Gasol the ball where he can score and help increase the chemistry between the two big men.

Kobe has done a phenomenal job in Nash’s absence, but he’s simply not a point guard. He’s a great passer, but he can’t dictate a game the way someone like Steve Nash can at the point position. He’s a pure scorer and that is what the Lakers need him to do. The biggest reason why he was happy about the signing of Steve Nash is that he gets to play with a true point guard and return to his normal shooting guard role. Gasol and Howard won’t be the only ones benefiting when Nash returns.

Who do you think the lakers are gonna get in 2014 free agency? By @josh_lakeshow

Laker fans are so spoiled. Here it is, 2012 and we’re already talking about 2014 free agency, but can anyone really blame us? With the possibility of Kobe Bryant retiring and that huge contract expiring, the Lakers will definitely be a huge player in the 2014 free agency sweepstakes. Many guys like Amar’e Stoudemire, Lebron James, John Wall, and O.J Mayo are all available in 2014 so free agency during that year will be a huge deal.

Realistically, I think someone like John Wall will be signed by the Lakers. Lebron is enjoying success in Miami and I just can’t see him ever leaving there unless it was to return to Cleveland. I know many fans would like to see it, but I probably wouldn’t bet my life on it.

By 2014, the Wizards would have won maybe a total of 10 games. That should be enough to make Wall want to opt out of his contract right? He has the capability of being a superstar in this league, but he’ll probably never receive national recognition as long as he is in a Wizards uniform. What better place to do his dance along side of Dwight Howard than Los Angeles? Maybe the dougie is already out of style, but I’m sure he and Howard can come up with some new dance craze.

Steve Nash should be gone by then and I am pretty certain that the Lakers will use their money to shop around for a young talented point guard to pair up with Dwight. With all of this being said, let’s not forget that Kobe Bryant is currently having one of the best seasons of his career at the age of 34. It’s definitely not looking like it’s time for him to go. Yes, he said that he will be leaving the game soon, but should we really actually believe him? I surely wouldn’t be mad if the Lakers resigned Kobe in 2014.

Written by Deshaun Sheppard

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