Lakers beat the Jazz 102-84; could this be the turnaround?

Starting 5The last few games for the Lakers haven’t been pretty at all.

Along with losing came drama within the locker room, players complaining about touches, chemistry looked out of wack, and reports of the coach losing the locker room.

Yeah, things looking pretty bad in Laker land, and to add more, the Lakers were 3 games back of last in the West and 8 games under .500, which was unheard of. Another loss and things were going to fall completely downhill.

Well, the Lakers came out last night and played inspired and energetic basketball against the Jazz, clicking on all cyinders and never allowing Utah to lead in the game at all. Everyone on the team had a great game and the Lakers played great team basketball at home to get a much needed 19 point victory.

This game had me wondering if this was indeed the night that could turn it around. If you look at the Lakers last night, you saw a team who put together a complete game, played unselfish basketball and played within their roles. You also saw some team chemisty out there.

Now, I know many are saying it’s only one game or it’s only the Jazz, but if you look at it, the Jazz beat the Lakers 3 out of 4 times this season and are currently in the 7th see,d not to mention they beat the Miami Heat. As far as the just one game thing, I can’t dispute that it is just one game BUT, it also takes one game for things to turn. Everyone knew the Lakers needed a win big time and that’s exactly what they got. With the bottom of the Western Conference 6-8 playing poorly, the Lakers can turn this ONE game into something that can lift them into the playoff picture.

Now, this is where things get interesting.

The Lakers play the Oklahoma City Thunder in L.A. on Sunday afternoon, and we all remember what happened when OKC came to L.A. last time. If the Lakers can play this kind of basketball vs. Oklahoma City, then the I don’t care if it’s two games: the Lakers could be on to something. While a loss will be a step back, the rest of the Lakers schedule could work in their favor based off how they played last night.

This is what the Lakers needed. A win like this to ease things a bit, but the way they played was what had me think: this could be the game.

The story will be told Sunday vs. Oklahoma City and on. Is really a Lakers turnaround or just a flash in the pan? One thing is for sure though, the Lakers played great team basketball against the Jazz and that is what’s going to win them games.

Written by Matthew Lowry

Matthew Lowry has been a Los Angeles Laker fan since the day he stepped foot into the Great Western Fourm in 1994. Even though Matthew moved a lot while being in a Military Family, his love for the Lakers still stands to this day and is something that will never leave. You can follow Matthew on Twitter (@TrueBlueLowry21).