Lakers fear Jordan Hill may be suspended for leaving bench during Nick Young scuffle [PHOTO]


This is just great…

It’s looking like Nick Young will probably be suspended for throwing a punch (though it looked more like a shove gone wrong) at Goran Dragic during Wednesday night’s game in Phoenix, and the Lakers are also now fearing that they could see Jordan Hill receive a suspension, too, for apparently leaving the bench during the altercation:

I went back and looked at the video. From the angles that are available, it seems like this is the only time Hill left the bench:


Would they really suspend him for that? Hill was technically on the court, though he didn’t try to get involved in the action. If the NBA view the out of bounds line as the barrier between the court and bench, though, Hill could likely see a suspension on Friday when the Lakers take on the Celtics in Boston.

If both Hill and Young are suspended, the Lakers will likely have seven players available and one of those is playing banged up in Pau Gasol.

However, the Lakers do currently have a roster spot and 10-day contracts are now available to be used, so it’s possible that the purple and gold may go down that route if a double suspension does occur.

Written by Ross Pickering

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