Lakers interested in Jose Calderon and Anthony Morrow



As free agency continues, two more names have been linked to the Los Angeles Lakers: Jose Calderon and Anthony Morrow. Funnily enough, they both also reportedly have connections to Dwight Howard.

Howard and Calderon are said to have mutual interest in playing with each other. Calderon is also friends with Spanish national squad teammate – and current Laker – Pau Gasol.

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As Kennedy notes, the Houston Rockets were rumored to lining up a Jeremy Lin for Calderon deal if they landed Howard, which is seemingly no coincidence.

Also, the Lakers have reportedly had interest in Calderon for some time now.

As for Anthony Morrow, he’s a three-point shooter who many believed the Lakers would target this summer, mainly due to his relationship with Howard.

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Morrow is a 42% shooter from three during his career and is said to be friends with Howard. Dwight also once listed Morrow as one of the players he’d like to play with.

There’s a lot resting on Dwight’s decision for a number of teams and players around the league. He’s expected to announce his choice tomorrow, though that hasn’t been publicly confirmed by his camp.

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