Lakers News: Kobe Bryant says Achilles is “tight” but feels good about progress


There’s less than two weeks to go until opening night and we still don’t know when Kobe Bryant will be ready to make his much anticipated return to the court. The Black Mamba is making progress, but it’s hard to determine just how quickly that progress is coming along.

During an interview with reporters on Thursday, Bryant revealed that his Achilles’ tendon was still “tight”, yet he felt good about the progression he’s been making with his rehabilitation program:

[pullquote]I’m very eager to come back to play. The rehab is going well, [I] just continue to work every day.

[The Achillles is] coming along. I can’t quite push all the way through yet. It feels alright, it gets tight so we just continue to work with the modalities and making sure we loosen it up and get it going. But, I feel good about it.[/pullquote]

I’m no doctor, but I would imagine that the fact Bryant’s tendon is still tight at this stage would indicate that he probably won’t be ready for opening night.

Of course, this is a marathon and not a sprint, and Bryant needs to take as much time as he needs to come back from this devastating injury. While it would be exciting for Kobe to return on the first night of the new season, it’s just not looking all that realistic at this point. Patience is key.

However, like Mike D’Antoni, I’m still not ready to completely rule out the possibility of Bryant suiting up on opening night. As the head coach put it earlier this week, Bryant is “superhuman”, so who knows what might happen.

The season begins on October 29 when the Lakers will face the Clippers on the purple and gold’s home floor.

Written by Ross Pickering

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