Lakers News: Pau suffering from knee tendinitis, Johnson-Odom sent to D-Fenders, Cuban goes in on Laker fans

Time for a quick recap on some of the latest Lakers news before their game against the Indiana Pacers tomorrow night. You can check out highlights of L.A.’s big win over the Mavericks on Saturday night here.

Pau Gasol suffering from knee tendinitis

Have you noticed how Pau has been wearing bands on his knees recently? It’s due to tendinitis in his knees. Here’s what Pau had to say about his knees, via the L.A. Times

“It’s something that has been lingering since this preseason. I’ve been dealing with it the best I can,” he said.

Gasol has been a step late at times so far this season. At first I put it down to him being tired after another long summer with the Spanish national team, but knee tendinitis is a better explanation. However, the extended Olympics run could also be contributing to his lack of energy. Hopefully, he can battle through it.

Darius Johnson-Odom sent back down to the D-Fenders

DJO is back with the D-Fenders where he should see some considerable court time. He’s way down the depth chart currently with the Lakers, so sending him to the D-League is a good opportunity for him to show what he can do.

Just last week he played for the D-Fenders in a pre-season game. He scored 22 points in a 120-117 win versus Bakersfield.

Mark Cuban goes in on Lakers fans who use Twitter

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a Laker fan who has a Twitter account, so this one applies to you – Cuban apparently said the following, according to the Dallas Morning News:

“I’ve said enough about the Lakers,” he said. “Let’s just say, when you say something bad about the Lakers, you get a ton of Twitter threats, so it’s just not worth it.

“There is more Twitter courage in Southern California than probably any other part of the world.”

Cuban did admit that Mavericks fans probably say nutty things on Twitter, too, but said Lakers fans take it to another level.

“I could say ‘Kobe tied his shoe laces wrong’ and I’d probably get death threats on Twitter.”

Sure, there’s some Laker fans on Twitter who take it too far, but that can be said for fans of every team. Also, Mark Cuban is hardly a saint. He gives as good as he gets.

Next game

The Lakers play again tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 7:30pm PST when they take on the Indiana Pacers at home. The game will be on TWC SportsNet.

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  1. Mark Cuban is actually quite correct in saying “you get a ton of twitter threats.” The Lakers have well over twice the amount of twitter followers than any other NBA team. Almost 3 million followers to the Dallas Mavericks 250,000 respectively…. bringing a knife to a …