Lakers Rumors: Russell Westbrook To Join Kevin Love In L.A.?

Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook teaming up together for the Los Angeles Lakers. It’s the stuff dreams are made of for most Laker fans.

Even if you’re one of the purple and gold followers who isn’t all that enthusiastic about the idea of pursuing Love this summer, reading this might make you change your mind.

During Brian Windhorst’s recent podcast, the ESPN reporter revealed that there’s a “conspiracy theory that exists” that says Love will join the Lakers and then Westbrook will soon follow, according to Factory of Sadness:

“Love enjoys Westbrook. they have a relationship. there’s a conspiracy theory that exists out there that Kevin Love will go to the Lakers this summer, or next summer, and then Westbrook will join him when he’s a free agent, and they will reunite in LA, like they played for UCLA. The guy, the star player he has the best relationship in the league with is Westbrook.”

Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of this kind of scenario – Jalen Rose predicted such a situation occurring back in 2013 – so maybe there really is some whispers out there right now.

Then again, it could just be some crazy “theory,” as Windhorst calls it.

It’s no secret that Love and Westbrook are fond of each other, though.

Both guys played together for a season at UCLA, and Love has already made it clear that he thinks Westbrook should win the MVP award this season.

That’s right, Love doesn’t think his own Cleveland Cavaliers teammate, LeBron James, is worthy of the award this year. Instead, he wants Russ to get the hardware.

Still, a lot of things have to go right for Love and Westbrook to end up wearing purple and gold in a couple of years’ time.

Firstly, Love would have to leave more money on the table this summer by deserting the Cavaliers and joining the Lakers.

This actually could end up happening as Love is apparently not all that happy in Cleveland, and the L.A. native has been linked to the Lake Show for a number of years.

But what about Westbrook? Would the Lakers signing Love make Los Angeles a perfect destination for the explosive point guard?

Whether Westbrook would even want to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder would likely depend on Kevin Durant’s health and whether the 2014 MVP is still playing in OKC.

Durant may have left OKC for a new destination such as the Washington Wizards by the time Westbrook is a free agent in 2017.

There’s also a chance KD could wind up with the purple and gold next summer. And yes, the cap is set to raise, so who knows what the team could look like in a couple of years’ time.

Remember, though, a team consisting of Love, Durant and Westbrook is a huge pipe dream. Of course, crazier things have happened in the NBA, but too many things have to go right for such an aligning of the stars to occur.

Still, if you’re one of the more optimistic Laker fans out there, you should be focussed on this coming summer.

If Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss can lure Love away from Cleveland in July, they’ll already have one huge piece of the puzzle in place.

While it’d be extremely unrealsitic to imagine a scenario where the Lakers are able to pull off a hat trick and land three of the biggest players in the game in consecutive years, it certainly never hurts to dream.

After all, as the saying goes: If you don’t aim for the stars, you’re not going to get to the moon.

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Written by Ross Pickering

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