Magic Johnson: D’Antoni’s System is wrong for this team

Laker legend, Magic Johnson has openly criticized the Lakers for their recent struggles. He has publically questioned the heart, identity, and decisions of the team over the past couple of months. When Mike D’Antoni was chosen as the new coach of the Lakers over Phil Jackson, Magic openly criticized the front office. After a few weeks of seeing how things might work under D’Antoni, Magic still feels the same way.

At a Los Angeles Dodgers press conference, Magic answered a few Laker related questions from a small group of reporters. He had some very choice words for D’Antoni and how the Lakers handled the Phil Jackson situation.

On D’Antoni’s system:

“His system is wrong for this team and if he doesn’t change then he will be the wrong coach for this team because we don’t have runners. Look at the roster. Now things will change a little bit, no question with Steve, on the offensive end they will change when Steve gets healthy, but that’s not gonna help us in terms of we’re still not playing defense, we gotta play defense first and then run our offense.”

On how the team handled a possible return of Phil Jackson as coach:

“If you weren’t gonna consider him for real, then why talk to him? Cause you got all of us excited, I’m excited, all L.A., the whole country was like, ‘Oh, Phil’s coming back, maybe.’ And then you turn around, not even negotiating or not knowing what he wanted and then you hire D’Antoni and again, you hire a coach who wants to run and you don’t have a running team.”

On his hope that D’Antoni’s approach will work:

“I’m hopeful that it will work out because I love the Lakers, so let’s see, but I still feel if he doesn’t change his system to fit the talent that he has, it’s never gonna work or you’re gonna have to make some major trades — one or the other.”

Well, it looks like Magic Johnson is just as frustrated as the rest of us Lakerholicz. You can view Magic’s full interview here.

Written by Deshaun Sheppard

Deshaun is a 24-year-old college student. His goal is to be a journalist and he's currently looking for any opportunity to gain some experience. He also covers music news for He's a huge Laker fan and can't wait to share his thoughts with all of the Lakerholicz. If you want to know more about him, follow him on Twitter @WOLF_CHUKI.