Mitch Kupchak on tomorrow’s trade deadline: “We’ll see what happens”


Mitch Kupchak was a guest earlier today on The Herd – he was actually 15 minutes late starting the interview. Why? He was on the phone with a rival general manager:

“Yes, I was on the phone with another general manager. Probably not talking about what everybody thinks we were talking about, but that’s what this time of year means to general managers. There’s really been nothing that’s taken place in the last two or three days. It kind of builds up to tomorrow’s deadline…we’ll see what happens.”

The trade deadline is tomorrow at 3pm EST. The Lakers don’t have many valuable trade pieces outside of their main players. They also have a lack of picks after using up the majority of them over the last year in various trades.

So, will the Lakers make a trade? Like Kupchak says, we’ll see what happens.

Written by Ross Pickering

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