Nick Young on the Clippers: “I know I wouldn’t want to play there” [VIDEO]

PHOTO: Nick Young's Instagram
PHOTO: Nick Young’s Instagram

Nick Young played for the the Los Angeles Clippers in 2012 after being traded by the Washington Wizards, though the 28-year-old doesn’t want to return to the Lakers’ crosstown rivals anytime soon.

During an interview with TMZ, Young, who is expected to opt-out of his contract and become a free agent this summer, said he “wouldn’t want to play for the Clippers following Donald Sterling’s recent racist remarks.

Young isn’t sure whether Sterling will sell the Clippers, either, instead predicting he’ll die as the team’s owner.

“He’s only got a few years left,” Young said, “he can go out as a villain.”

However, Adam Silver, the NBA’s new commissioner, is going to attempt to force Sterling into selling the team by gaining the backing from the league’s other 29 owners – or at least three quarters of them.

Given her comments so far, Jeanie Buss will be one of the owners who votes to remove Sterling from the league, and she’s also someone who Swaggy P seems to like.

“Me and Buss are tight like that,” Young said. “Me and Janie [one of Dr. Jerry Buss’ daughters] and Jeanie, we’re tight like that.”

The feeling appears to be mutual: Jeanie is a big Nick Young fan, recently saying she “fell in love” with his game this season.

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Written by Ross Pickering

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