No aide! Kobe Bryant is tweeting on his own

imagesIt has been days since Kobe Bryant decided to shock his fans by finally creating a twitter account and he already has over 700,000 followers. Since creating an account, Kobe has shown all of his early followers that he is personally tweeting and his account will not be handled like some marketing and advertising account.

After a false report in the New York Daily News stating that Kobe and Dwight almost came to blows in the locker room after a loss to the 76ers came out, Kobe responded by posting a picture of him and Howard playfully posing for a boxing match.

“The mamba vs. d12 !! It’s on lol” Kobe tweeted.

By retweeting random people and personally tweeting a few fans and friends, Kobe has quickly shown that his decision to become more socially active is the real deal.

The public relations director of the Lakers, John Black said that the team had nothing to do with Bryant joining the social network and that he just felt like it was time to become more social.

Anyone who has followed him throughout his entire careers knows that we are beginning to see a different Kobe at least off of the court. During the 2012 Summer Olympics, Kobe was extremely playful and all smiles so it’s no surprise that he has decided to start connecting more with his fans through twitter.

Many celebrities aren’t personal on twitter or may even have an aide doing most of the tweeting for them, but Kobe confirmed that it’s just him doing the tweeting.

“I think it’s a fun platform to be apart of where you don’t have any filter. You can respond to fans and communicate with them directly. It just took a little time. I don’t really understand the social aspect of things too much. I’m not very tech-savvy, to say the least. So it took a little time for me to not be afraid of it.”

Because Kobe is now apart of the twitter world, he was able to see the most recent Magic Johnson rant, in which Magic stated that the team needs Kobe to be a better leader. When asked if he believed that, Kobe stated that he thinks it’s ridiculous.

It seems like maybe “father time” is changing Kobe Bryant off of the court, but he appears to be the same black mamba on the court. He’s tweeting, he’s following, he’s reading, and he’s responding. Enjoy!

Written by Deshaun Sheppard

Deshaun is a 24-year-old college student. His goal is to be a journalist and he's currently looking for any opportunity to gain some experience. He also covers music news for He's a huge Laker fan and can't wait to share his thoughts with all of the Lakerholicz. If you want to know more about him, follow him on Twitter @WOLF_CHUKI.