No more panicking?

1272522_SP_lakers_GMF_After a three-game winning streak, one against the Utah Jazz, one against the best team in the league, the Oklahoma City Thunder, and one against the New Orleans Hornets, it seems as if the Lakers have finally found their identity.

The team decided to ditch Mike D’Antoni‘s system, which shows success. Kobe Bryant seems to have turned into “Kobe Johnson”. The Lakers and their fans are full of joy, knowing that this could be the official turning point for the struggling team.

At this point, no one knows what surprises this Laker team will bring. The team starts their 7-game road trip in Phoenix tonight. This road trip is ultimately the big test on whether they have really turned things around.

But are fans done worrying? Do they believe that changes aren’t needed? So are fans still wanting to fire D’Antoni? Do they still want Pau Gasol traded? Are they still longing to acquire Josh Smith? Some say it’s just a three-game winning streak. So would fans still want the Lakers to make a move before the trade deadline on February 21?

Pau Gasol recently made a statement, once again, about the displeasure of being benched in the 4th quarter again, against the Hornets. This is not the first time Pau has complained. Everyone is aware that the big man does not like coming off the bench. Although, he informed the media that he will not request a trade, it is shown that he is not happy as a Laker under Mike D’Antoni. His numbers have been at the lowest since D’Antoni arrived, averaging career lows 12.7 PPG and 45% FG.

Aside from roster changes, can the Lakers maintain their success to be considered contenders again? Some doubt the Lakers will continue to play this well, considering that they tend to be inconsistent. Thus, should the panic buttons be put away?

Written by Katelyn Tran

Katelyn is currently a student and wants to pursue her dream of becoming a writer for the NBA. Twitter @nihao_katelyn