Phil Jackson responds to Kendrick Lamar (seriously)


Last night, “Control” dropped – a track that didn’t quite make Big Sean‘s album, but one that Kendrick Lamar absolutely owned.

In one part of Kendrick’s verse, the West Coast rapped called himself “uncoachable” and claimed that even Phil Jackson wouldn’t be able to control him:

[pullquote]If Phil Jackson came back, still no coaching me. I’m uncoachable, I’m unsociable, f*** your clubs.[/pullquote]

Well, it seems that Phil heard about this verse – along with the rest of the world – and took to Twitter to address Lamar directly:


How amazing is that? Just when I thought Phil couldn’t get anymore awesome, he comes out and sends a message to Kendrick Lamar before any other rapper could even get a track out in reply to him. Maybe the “King of New York” line got Phil’s back up; he is an ex-Knick, of course.

Now we’ll await Mike D’Antoni‘s response…

If you somehow still haven’t listened to the song – or you just want to hear it again – you can check it out below:

Written by Ross Pickering

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