PHOTO: Chris Duhon gets snapped while pushing his broken down Lamborghini


This gives a whole new meaning to pushing a whip.

Former Laker Chris Duhon was snapped over the weekend while pushing his broken down Lamborghini along the side of the road.

Duhon really isn’t having much luck when it comes to cars recently:¬†The former Duke star made headlines after he was intentionally hit by a car in a parking lot in October.

And now this. At least Chris is able to keep a smile on his face while pushing the luxury vehicle.


Obviously, Duhon is still doing OK – he owns a Lambo, after all.

Despite being waived by the Lakers during the offseason, Duhon will still receive his pay check, so there’s definitely a chance that he does indeed have the cash to keep his motor running, thus eliminating the possibility that he ran out of gas due to a lack of funds. I’d also guess that he’s an AAA member, too, but the 31-year-old point guard possibly just needed to get his car to the side of the road and out of the way.

Or, maybe he didn’t break down at all and this is just some new fancy celebrity workout?

At the end of the day, while this photo is awesome, nothing will ever be able to top Duhon’s legendary travel dance from the 2012 playoffs.


Written by Ross Pickering

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