PHOTO: Jordan Farmar’s Valentine’s gift to wife is blanket with topless image of himself printed on it

I wonder what Swaggy P will say about this one.

Jordan Farmar got creative with his Valentine’s Day gift for his wife this year.

Someone, somewhere took a topless photo of Farmar and his wife Jill. It then seems that the two-time NBA champion had the image printed onto a blanket.

Is this creepy or cool? Judging by the comments on Farmar’s Instagram account, the girls love it and the guys think it’s kind of weird.

I’d love to hear Nick Young’s thoughts on the blanket, though. He’s normally pretty active on Instagram and has ripped apart posts by the likes of Gilbert Arenas in the past.

But, hey, it’s Valentine’s Day, so I guess Jordan gets a pass to be a little bit of a softie.

Written by Ross Pickering

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