PHOTO: Steve Nash attends Millions March L.A.

While Steve Nash may not have been around the Lakers all that much this season – he did meet the team on Christmas Eve before they left for their two-game road trip, however – the two-time MVP is still living in Los Angeles. That’s how Nash was available to take part in Saturday’s Millions March L.A.

The protest was in aid of the unarmed black men who have been killed by various members of the U.S. police force in recent months.

Millions March LA #millionsmarchla

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Other famous faces at the march included rappers The Game and Tyga.

Nash’s son and girlfriend accompanied him during the march.

Written by Ross Pickering

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  1. Very ashamed of steve nash marching in support of thug criminals over police who die protecting us. eric garner arrested over 30 times including assault and a horrible father of 4. and michael brown 2 assaults in 1 day on a 5’4″ store clerk and a police officer he out weighed by 80 Lbs. and u march for these 2 pieces of human garbage. NO ! I support the Law Officers who have to deal with trash like them everyday to keep us safe.

      • I agree Magik. It’s been proven that some officers are too quick to pull their weapons and use them. BTW, whatever happened to using a taser in lieu of shooting people?

        • And also, if you’re so scared you have to pull out your weapon at the first sign of trouble, you don’t belong out there with a gun anyway.