PODCAST: Discussing the first month of the NBA Season

The first month of the NBA Season is over and what an eventful month it was, especially for us Lakerholicz. With the current record, the coaching changes, and injuries, I can honestly say that I am glad November is over.

I joined Jeremy Lambert in the Man Cave for our monthly review of the NBA season. We talk about everything that has happened in this season so far like the Popovich drama, shockers, disappointments, and what to expect after seeing what has happened so far. Also hear me try to defend what has happened so far in Laker Land.

We ended up placing a very interesting bet on this Friday’s Thunder vs. Lakers game. Let’s hope for my sake that the Lakers win! Listen here:


Written by Deshaun Sheppard

Deshaun is a 24-year-old college student. His goal is to be a journalist and he's currently looking for any opportunity to gain some experience. He also covers music news for freesworld.com. He's a huge Laker fan and can't wait to share his thoughts with all of the Lakerholicz. If you want to know more about him, follow him on Twitter @WOLF_CHUKI.