Report: Dwight Howard has mocked Kobe’s shooting stats to teammates behind his back

Well, this isn’t great news…

According to Kevin Ding, Dwight Howard has mocked Kobe Bryant‘s shooting percentages behind his back – and to his teammates: kobedwight

Despite Kobe Bryant shooting at a career-high level, Howard has mocked Bryant’s shooting stats behind his back when he hasn’t shot well, leaving Lakers teammates feeling awfully uncomfortable.

Ding also goes onto say that Bryant has supported Howard and his free throw woes, while also looking to get him going in games by getting him the ball. This was probably most evident in the Miami game, when Kobe was rising for his shot and then looking for Dwight on numerous occasions.

Bryant has probably been over-passing when looking to get Dwight going, and this is how Howard repays him?

I hope this isn’t accurate, because it’ll do nothing for Howard’s image if it is. Then again, Ding is a respected writer, so…

Written by Ross Pickering

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  1. Sure you “dont hope this is accurate.” What a way to reassure your readers a writer is respected….bad journalism at its finest