Report: Hawks have “zero interest” in Pau Gasol, Lakers shopping Ebanks?

The Los Angeles Times brought back some Pau-for-Smith talk over the weekend, when they said the Lakers declined a trade for J-Smoove back in the summer. Well, apparently – and believably – the Hawks have no interest in Pau and never have, according to HoopsWorld

Despite speculation from the L.A. Times, in which the Times claims, “The Hawks called this summer to inquire about a Smith-for-Gasol trade,” the Atlanta Hawks have zero interest in Pau Gasol and according to well-placed sources in Atlanta, they never have.

Like most in Lakers nation, the L.A. Times is offering up scenarios that would “fix” the Lakers and moving Gasol continues to be the front and center topic being kicked around by those that cover the team.

The Hawks for their part found the trade notion laughable, mainly because Gasol’s deal flies in the face of what they are trying to do with their salary cap. As much as the Lakers and their fans would like to trade to get a younger and more potent Smith, he was, at least according to sources in Atlanta, never discussed with the Lakers.

It’s not surprising that the Hawks don’t want Pau, seeing as they’re going in a rebuilding direction and Josh Smith seems to be cool with hanging around and being the franchise player there.

The report dropped another piece of information, however: the Lakers have apparently been shopping Devin Ebanks around the leauge:

There has been chatter that the Lakers have shopped Devin Ebanks in trade hoping to flip him for a draft pick of some value or a serviceable backup point guard. The Lakers continue to weigh the virtues of adding another player to the roster, and whether that could do more harm than good.

Moving Ebanks clears a roster spot, especially if it returns only a draft pick. However, there seems to be limited interest in Ebanks at this point.

Ebanks has recently been thrusted into the starting line-up, which is probably more of a coaching decision after he had a good game in New York and is unlikely related to any attempts to rise his trade value.

Moving Ebanks wouldn’t be the easiest of moves, seeing as he can veto any trade he likes after signing a qualifying offer with the team in the summer. The same goes for point guard Darius Morris.

The shopping of Ebanks could be do to with the Lakers wanting to sign a guy like Delonte West – according to the report, L.A. don’t really want to cut a player and pay him just to sign another. They also are fond of their rookies – Robert Sacre and Darius Johnson-Odom – so cutting them is probably out of the question.

I am beginning to wonder whether the Lakers will sign a point guard at all now; the team is playing better as of late and is seeing improved play from the point guards on the team.

Plus, Steve Nash is meant to be back within a week or so, therefore making a move for another guard may be foolish at this point.

Written by Ross Pickering

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  1. Sounds like a 3-way Trade is in order.
    Lakers -> Timberwolves -> Hawks

    The TWolves do have interest in pau, and have an abundance of draft picks to sweeten deals.