Rumor: Jeremy Lin to the Lakers? Brandon Jennings to Los Angeles not happening

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Ross Pickering

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And so it begins – the Los Angeles Lakers have only been eliminated from the 2012 NBA Playoffs for about 6 hours and already there’s a rumor out there: Jeremy Lin to the Lakers?

Maybe, according to ESPN’s Chris Palmer:

Well, there you go. Could Linsanity hit Los Angeles? It’s intriguing – the Lakers would probably be able to afford him with their mini-mid level exception and he would likely hit with the Californian Asian community.

But, there’s the questions: is he really good enough? How would he perform out of Mike D’Atoni‘s system? Is he an upgrade over Ramon Sessions?

The Lakers had interest in Lin in the past – they nearly drafted him and then wanted him on their Summer League squad; there was even speculation that they may have tried to sign him during the season if he came off the waivers in time – so maybe there is something there.

Chris Palmer also shoots down an idea that’s been circulating around Laker fans over the past few months: he says he hasn’t heard anything about Brandon Jennings heading to Los Angeles and it isn’t going to happen.

So, what do you think? Would Jeremy Lin be a good pick-up for the Lakers or should they have their sights set elsewhere? Comment below with your thoughts!