Rumor: Jeremy Lin to the Lakers? Brandon Jennings to Los Angeles not happening

And so it begins – the Los Angeles Lakers have only been eliminated from the 2012 NBA Playoffs for about 6 hours and already there’s a rumor out there: Jeremy Lin to the Lakers?

Maybe, according to ESPN’s Chris Palmer:

Well, there you go. Could Linsanity hit Los Angeles? It’s intriguing – the Lakers would probably be able to afford him with their mini-mid level exception and he would likely hit with the Californian Asian community.

But, there’s the questions: is he really good enough? How would he perform out of Mike D’Atoni‘s system? Is he an upgrade over Ramon Sessions?

The Lakers had interest in Lin in the past – they nearly drafted him and then wanted him on their Summer League squad; there was even speculation that they may have tried to sign him during the season if he came off the waivers in time – so maybe there is something there.

Chris Palmer also shoots down an idea that’s been circulating around Laker fans over the past few months: he says he hasn’t heard anything about Brandon Jennings heading to Los Angeles and it isn’t going to happen.

So, what do you think? Would Jeremy Lin be a good pick-up for the Lakers or should they have their sights set elsewhere? Comment below with your thoughts!

Written by Ross Pickering

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  1. Lin would be ok but not the best. We need an upgrade over Sessions so sessions can boost the bench. But Troy, Barnes and McRoberts gots to go! What about a three way deal for Chalmers 

      • Not an upgrade over session, really? You think Sessions has could have the same success that Lin had in NY? Look at the stats number guys and number don’t lie. Did you hear any team want to get him? nop!
        Of course, Lin would certainly be better than Sessions. He can get to the hoop and pass the ball much better than Sessions does. Chalmers is so inconsistent, assist number is low for a PG, and can rarely get to the paint.

        • Lin didn’t play for an extended amount of time, and he may also be a product of Mike D’Antoni’s system. Sessions was playing well until he fell into his slump.

          •  Lin played very well under Woodson, cutting down his turnover. While Fields and other role players of Knicks still have hard time to adjust to the changing of coach in Knicks. After Dantoni, Lin was the one of the 3 top scorers in knicks, until his injury. He made Amare back to a good scorer again.

          • I think just the fairly short amount of time he had on court would be my only worry – both Lin and Sessions showed promise. I think it’s too early to really know what either of them can do. Both have good skill sets but need more time I think.

          •  “a product of Mike D’Antoni’s system.”, stop it!

            Lin only learned that system in hours/days w/o training camp, Nash played 5 yrs in D’Antonio’s system, Nash is much qualified as a product of D’Antonio’s system, Douglas, Bibby played much longer than Lin in D’Antonio’s system, they should be great products of that system, If not, why not? Lin PER ranked #10, Sessions ranked #24. Blake ranked #54, Lin stat went down after Woody took over as head coach mainly b/c woody played Meloball,even Magic Johnson would get single digit assists if ISO-Melo in his team.