Rumors: James Harden, Nick Young, Gilbert Arenas options for Lakers?

Okay…first day of the off-season for the Lakers and already there’s loads of names out there. Once again, it’s ESPN’s Chris Palmer who has the scoop.

He says that James Harden – yes, that James Harden that just eliminated the Lakers from the playoffs – hasn’t ruled out signing for the Lakers next summer. The Thunder may not be able to pay him, due to their commitments already to Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. The Lakers could possibly have a lot of cap space in 2013, so that’s one to watch.



The next intriguing name is Nick Young – he is a free agent this year and while the Lakers probably wouldn’t be able to sign him due to their limited cap space, the possiblilty is there to pull off a sign-and-trade. Would the Clippers want to help on such a deal though? The Lakers could maybe pull it off using some of the Trade Exception they still have left over from the Lamar Odom deal.



The last name is Gilbert Arenas. You thought you’d heard the last of his name in rumors, right? Well, he’s back, apparently:



Maybe Mitch Kupchak was impressed in the workouts? Arenas eventually signed with Memphis this season and averaged 4.2 ppg and 1.1 apg in 12.4 mpg.

That’s it for now. There could be quite a few changes in Lakerland this off-season, so things will probably get crazier as the days go by.

Would you like to see any of these players join the Lakers? Let us know in the comments section below!

Written by Ross Pickering

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  1. James Harden should be a Laker. He would be a great fit.  Besides, what does he prefer, Starter with the Lakers in Los Angeles or Key Bench Player in OKC?  He will also be paid more in LA.  Lets wait and see!!!

  2. gilbert arenas because lakers where already tryna pick him up why not next season if grizzlies dnt resign him hes probably going to be wrking on getting to his old self this summer

  3. uhm for me it would be James Harden, because He will be a threat to the Thunder if the Lakers will sign Him in He will be a good player to the Lakers 🙂 a great Help in Three’s 🙂 also 🙂